The Write Connection

TWC S02 E22: A Simple, Yet Powerful New Way to Define Your Ideal Client

May 08, 2022 Katherine Burrows Season 2 Episode 22
The Write Connection
TWC S02 E22: A Simple, Yet Powerful New Way to Define Your Ideal Client
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An introspective, rainy day dive into a simple yet powerful new way to define our ideal client. I share my thoughts about my own ideal client and why this is such an important part of preparing to write a book. Recognize yourself in my description? I'd love to chat!

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Katherine hosts The Write Connection podcast, which is designed to help you choose the right words and stories in your business book to create authentic connections with your prospects, clients, network, and communities.

Katherine’s personal alchemy of literary storytelling, human psychology, business marketing, and unwavering passion provides her with the unique and powerful insight to bring out the authentic character of the expert and their business in a voice - YOUR voice - that will improve lives, influence others, and even change the world.

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Intro: This is The Write Connection. This podcast is designed to help you choose the right words and stories in your business content to create authentic connections with prospects, clients, partners and colleagues. Now the host of The Write Connection, Katherine Burrows.

 Katherine Burrows: Hello, dear listener. Welcome again to The Write Connection. Today is one of those rainy days where it's a little bit gray and you can hear the rain on our beautiful metal roof. And I don't know if you can hear it in the background of this audio or video, but I always find that a very calming sound and a very introspective sound. It kind of makes me want to curl up and either read a book or do some writing the kind of writing where I'm really thinking a lot and mulling things over and thinking to go deeper. So today I actually thought I would get a little bit deeper into my ideal client. That's one of the things that we all need to do before we write our business book is to think about who is this book gonna before? And that might seem totally obvious and like, I really don't need to say it.

 But thinking about who we are serving with this book is a really important pre-writing step. So there's lots of templates out there for creating ideal client, dream client people call them personas and avatars and there's all kinds of different schools of thought, but many of them are very similar in that they talk about the demographic information. How old is this person? What is their gender? What is their family status? Are they married? Do they have children? How old are those children? Do they have pets? Do they own their house? Or do they rent? Do they have a car or not have a car? All of those demographic stats are in the typical ideal client personas. And I've always really struggled with that because I feel that my ideal client isn't defined by their age, their gender, their race, religion, sexual orientation, all of those things.

 It's so much further below the surface. What my ideal clients have in common. They are these amazing creative out of the box thinking people. And sometimes they're at the beginning of a career and they may be in their mid to late twenties. And sometimes they are much later in their career or they've had a career doing something typically corporate. And then now they're moving into the entrepreneurial space. And so they may be in their sixties or seventies, but it's that openness that willing to take risks, all those things that make people a successful entrepreneur resilience is a huge one that I find in all of my clients.  They’ve had whatever situation that they've been able to overcome. Sometimes it's a health issue, sometimes it's a problem they had in their business and now that they've found a solution that works, they are building a business around sharing that solution with others.

So there's also that very heart centred coming from a place of service element that is present in my ideal clients and the clients that I have been so honoured to work with and continue to work with. There's also a sense of calling sense that they're on a mission. This is a true vocation and if you look up the definition of that word, cause I love to do things like that. That's like a career that you really feel called to often with the implication of a higher power, higher purpose. So my ideal clients are really doing something they feel called to do, something they feel strongly and passionately about they're helping others, but they're doing it in a way that is very creative that is not typical where they're pioneering in their field, in their industry. They're becoming thought leaders, they're questioning the status quo and asking which parts of it work and which parts of it don't.

 And if those parts don't work, they're just throwing them out the window and looking for new ways to make things better, to help more people, to get the results faster, to make people more money, to give them better health and better relationships to give them back more free time. Those are the big four things that we all want in life and we all need a little help to get there it's important to have mentors, coaches, teachers, whatever you wanna call them. And these are the people that I work with they are coaching, consulting, mentoring, others and sharing that success. So instead of, focusing on climbing the ladder to this solitary position and not caring who you step on along the way, my ideal clients are climbing up a few steps and then they're turning to look back down and they're reaching their hand down and they're bringing a couple of people up with them and they all climb up a few more steps.

 And then the people that are on the bottom turn around and reach down and they grab a couple people each. And so it's a very collaborative, very community oriented mind-set with a real sense that when one of us succeeds we all succeed. And that there's a real, not only possibility, but a real purpose in finding those win-win situations and really finding that place where you can truly exchange value with someone. So you're not just taking their money and kind of running off with it and giving them the least possible product or service that you can for that money. But you're really figuring out how can I make this better? How can I add value for my client? How can I really make them feel appreciated and loved and successful and confident? And like they can go out and then do this for others.

 So there is no geographical location for my ideal client. I love working with people from all over the world. And I actually have a goal that in five years I'm gonna travel around the world and sleep on the couches of all the people that I've met in my network.  So be warned, you might get a phone call. There's no industry that defines my ideal client typically there a lot of healthcare and business coaches, but there's a lot of other industries, people that I've worked with in business services, in research and development, in hospitality and tourism. So there is no wrong fit from that point of view, it's all about the attitude and their real willingness to be authentic, to put themselves out there, to be vulnerable, to share themselves, to share their stories in order to help others and in order to build their business.

Because at the end of the day, that's what we really wanna do is build our business. And yes, that gives us more money so that we can feel comfortable. We can have the lifestyle that we want, but it also enables us to help others to really maximize our impact, widen our reach and make a bigger difference in the world. Because to me, that is the best purpose is to leave the world a better place than how we found it. And I think we are all called to do that in various ways and it's my purpose and my calling to help my clients do that in a bigger, better way through telling their stories in their business book so that they really can grow their impact, widen their reach and increase their profits, get their big ideas into a book and get out there in the world and make that bigger difference that they absolutely know deep in their heart that they are called to do.

One of my amazing groups that I've been meeting with and getting involved with is podcasters of course, having my own podcast, this totally makes sense that I would meet other podcasters. So I have a program coming up, starting on Wednesday, June 8 for people who are podcasters and they really want to get their podcast content into a book. So they wanna reach a wider audience, they wanna reach a different type of audience, one who consumes their content in the written word, as opposed to listening to audio or video, somebody who wants to create a legacy. They've really got something to teach some wisdom they want to impart, they really wanna help people. So this is a 12 week group program that will be happening over the summer so the perfect weather to get out there, you're gonna be out in parks, at the beach, renting a cottage, whatever it is that you typically enjoy doing in that summer warmer weather and get outside, sit in your launch air, sit at a picnic table and write.

So I will post the link in the show notes below for registering to this program. If you'd like more information before you register. That's awesome I’d love to jump on a zoom call with you and I will also put my Calendar link in the show notes. And as always, if you have any questions about writing your book or defining your ideal client, before you write your book, please reach out to me. My email will be in the show notes and I would love to chat with you. I would love to hear your story and I would really be honoured to help you tell your story. So on this rainy day, which it might not be raining in your part of the world, it might not be raining on the day you listen to this, but the next time you do experience a rainy introspective day, give some thought to your ideal client and how you might reach them better and bigger through your business book. Thanks so much for listening to The Write Connection today. I hope you have found something that inspires your creativity and motivates you to write your own business book. Have a wonderful day.

Outro: Thanks for listening to The Write Connection. What did you think of the show today? Give us a rating and leave us a comment if you have a question for Katherine, reach out to her by sending her an email, The Write or visit her website, Katherine And don't forget to follow Katherine on social media thanks again for listening to The Write Connection.